The ascent of a gifted actress : Nyemah Bentley

The rise of a talented child actress : Nyemah Bentley: The first step to audition and cast child actors is to choose the right material for them. You want to select scenes or songs that are appropriate for their age, skill level, and personality. Avoid material that is too complex, mature, or boring for them. Instead, look for material that showcases their talent, creativity, and enthusiasm. You can also adapt or modify the material to suit their needs and interests. For example, you can change some words, shorten the length, or add some humor. Discover additional info at

Nyemah Bentley

Nyemah Bentle is confident and completely comfortable in front of camera and on stage. She takes direction with ease and learns scripts exceptionally quickly. She speaks clearly and expresses herself well. Nyemah is a team player and has a bubbly personality, she brings these attributes to castings she attends.

Child actress Nyemah Bentley was casted in a lead role for Sky’s TV new children’s television programme. A black British family have landed themselves an exciting job to create a brand new children’s television programme after making a cartoon for their daughter, who struggled to see herself represented on screen and in books.

Cynthia and Anthony Deluola, of Ghanaian and Nigerian heritage, have no previous work experience in the TV field – as they work in child safeguarding and as an airline pilot respectively – but have created an animation and self-published books for their daughter and are set to inspire more families with their upcoming show titled Ama’s Story.

The couple impressed producers at Sky after sending the cartoon off to the channel.

Cynthia and Anthony, who’s book series is called Ama’s Stories, impressed bosses with how much they achieved with their animation and got them working with Wildseed Studios to collaborate on a show which will portray a black family as aspirational, educated and successful – to buck the inaccurate stereotypes often represented on screen.

The characters are based on their own family – which includes Elise, who’s Ghanian name is Ama, and her two brothers, who both have English and Ghanian names; Aaron (Ayo) and Jadon (Ade).

Child actress Nyemah Bentley takes the lead role of Ama in the programme, which mixes animation and real life together, while Jeriah Kibusi plays Ayo and Ace Shinobi is undertaking the role of Ade in the programme.

Do you have an aspiring child actor, and wonder what unique ways you can support them? Nurturing a young talent in the arts requires dedication, guidance, and understanding. Child actors, despite their talent and passion, often face unique challenges in balancing their education with their budding careers. Parents and guardians need to provide unwavering support to help them navigate this journey successfully. In this blog, we will explore seven parenting tips for supporting child actors to reach their full potential.

Confidence is key in the world of acting. Encourage your child to believe in themselves and their abilities. Provide opportunities for them to practice their craft, whether through community theater, acting classes, or online workshops. Building confidence early on lays a solid foundation for a successful acting career.