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Built with the highest grade materials,the fully sealed bearing can make the unit work with higher pressure and contribute to a long product life. It’s easy to install by just following the steps above, and it’s simple to use. Just pull the trigger while the pressure washer is on and water will start flowing from the nozzle. With a sewage recovery device, it can be used in various scenarios indoors and outdoors, cold and hot water can be used, The 180-degree adjustable handle, 4 universal casters and tough bristles all help you easily operate your pressure washer scrubber.

Pressure washer gun or wand is a long stick-like handle that has a trigger and different types of nozzle attached to it. Generally speaking, the wand is a hose nozzle attached to the end of the power washer hose. Power washer wand or gun is basically a hose nozzle attached to the end of the power washer hose. Generally, the wand is a long stick like handle that has a trigger and different types of nozzle attached to it. There are two types of pressure washer wands: High Pressure Washer Wand (HPGW) – This style does not have an adjustable spray pattern; instead, it features one stream setting at high pressure; Trigger Gun – This style allows you to change from jet stream (the most intense spray) down to fan spray with just one hand by pulling up on its trigger.

Trigger mechanisms on each pressure washer sprayer are built to last with metal construction that is perfectly balanced and weighted to control vibrations, Metal triggers are easy to use, durable and built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. They are designed for comfort with a contoured shape that fits in your hand comfortably, even when wearing gloves. A quality replacement spray gun will last for years of professional work or recreational cleaning.

Eveage Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner: This product has a rated capacity of 12 gallons per minute and can be used with any type of pressure washer from electric models to high-powered gas ones. It comes with both a wand and an adjustable spray tip to allow for maximum versatility when cleaning a variety of surfaces or different types of grime on different areas around your home or business property.* Chore Boy 20 Piece Natural Fiber Scrubber Sponge: These sponges are ideal for general purpose cleaning as they are able to remove tough stains while being gentle enough not to damage most surfaces.* Husky Quick Clean Wand: This surface cleaner works well with all types of pressure washers regardless of their size or strength level so long as they have at least 2500 PSI. See more information at