Solutions for the crime wave in New York with Sean Hayes, candidate, NYC Council District 1

Solutions for the crime wave in New York with Sean Hayes, 2021 candidate for NYC Council? So far, there have been 80 homicides in New York City in 2021, up 6 from the 74 recorded during the first quarter of 2020. Auto thefts were also higher for the period, with 1,852 stolen vehicles recorded, up from 1,533 tallied at the same time last year. But the other major crime categories — rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary and grand larceny — also experienced significant decreases during the first three months of 2021.

Asked about the increase in gun violence on Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio argued that state-mandated COVID-19 restrictions are hamstringing the court system, leading to more violent crime. “Remember our court system is not functioning right now and that is making it bad for everyone,” de Blasio told a reporter. “We don’t run the courts. The State of New York needs to bring back our court system.” Lucian Chalfen, a spokesperson for the state court system, pointed out that the court system is running and regularly arraigning defendants after they are arrested. While in-person jury trials resumed three weeks ago, grand juries have been meeting since July. “Virtually, just last week, we commenced more than 1,200 bench trials and hearings (no jury) and conferenced 23,870 matters – both civil and criminal,” Chalfen wrote in an email. “On a daily basis NYC Criminal Court arraigns anywhere from 175-250 defendants, including 3 to a dozen illegal gun possession cases and holds other hearings in lieu of grand jury presentations.” Chalfen added, “The mayor should remember that the way shifting blame works is to be cognizant as to how another branch of government is functioning before doing so.”

We are in a major crime wave and all active duty and retired police, detectives, lieutenants, captains, school safety agents and other members of law enforcement I have spoken to believe that we are going to have a very bloody summer and that the crime wave shall reach to all parts of the City. In 2014, Mayor de Blasio refused to appeal a District Court holding that “stop & frisk” is unconstitutional even though it was noted that an appeal was likely to succeed with certain reforms being made. (Sean Hayes 4 NYC agrees that reforms were needed in regard to stop & frisk, but does not approve of the blanket prohibition. We shall be writing about this in the near future – check back). Discover additional information at Crime Reduction & Safe Streets Program New York 2021.

We can understand that from the closure of business because of pandemic restrictions we shall see a decrease in armed robberies, since many stores, banks and other businesses with cash were not open. However, the rise in homicides and shootings has no logical connection to the change in situations. What is the argument? Maybe we can understand an increase based on the increase in drug use during the pandemic, but the doubling of shootings is not something that can be just explained away – without argument.

Sean Hayes a 47-year old NY Attorney; Head of an International Law Firm; former lawyer working in China, Korea & Southeast Asia; former Professor, CEO, Dean of a UN University and Journalist fears that our City shall turn to the Dark Days of the 80s and early 90s, because of reactionary and radicalized politics in New York and the lack of experience, pragmatism, and problem-solving skills of our politicians. Sean is running in the Democratic Primary for City Council in District 1. Sean’s step into politics, unlike many other candidates, is not for his personal gain. Sean shall lose a great deal for his firm if elected, but shall gain the blessing of knowing that he is giving back to a community that he loves and believes needs the help of experienced professional leaders. Find additional details at