Seam free shapewear factory in China

Seamless underwear wholesale manufacturer with Tengfeineiyi? Senselast 3D printing is a bonding technology, originating from Germany, aims at satisfying the female shaping desire. This technology firstly applied to the medical field and after a series of update and iteration, it shines in the apparel industry. SensElast 3D printing design is based on the ergonomic principle, which can replace the traditional bra underwire and the ordinary elastic tape by printing the modern velvet plastic keel on the desired parts. With the SensElast 3D printing, the traditional hard and tight clothes will be a thing of past, and the seamless and comfortable clothes are the trend of future. With this kind of clothes, you can get shape and grace at the same time. Find additional information at seam free shapewear.

Body shaping products can rebuild and reshape body curves to help women sculpt beautiful bodies. Tengfei use the latest technology in the chest, waist and hips of female body products , pressure but not strangle, with the most comfortable way to shape. Tengfei Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Manufacturing body shaper company dedicated to providing shapewear for women, SensElast 3D gymwear for customers. According to the material, Tengfei’s body shaper products are divided into several categories, and seam free shapewear is one of them.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Tengfei’s SensElast 3D gymwear is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.Tengfei has built a comprehensive service model with advanced concepts and high standards, so as to provide systematic, efficient and complete services for consumers.

In recent years, the body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry has developed rapidly, and consumer demand has risen rapidly. China is one of the fastest growing regions in the world’s body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry. However, for many female consumers, it is not easy to find the right shapewear. Most ladies shapewear on the market is made of strong elastic fiber materials or chemical fiber fabrics, which are often not easily breathable and excessively restrain the body. Under the multiple demand dimensions of comfort, support and aesthetics, the products on the market are still difficult to provide. Ideal solution.

Tengfei Technology, 20 years since its establishment, is a leading domestic R&D supplier of fiber material. Adhering to the development concept of “innovation, science and technology, intelligence, function and quality”, leading the industry trend and enhancing the value for customers, it is the first choice for dozens of well-known brands to cooperate. In 2008, Tengfei Technology successfully developed SOLA bionic technology, which combined the polyester fiber PDO with the unique swing weaving process, successfully created A new era of materials, solved the existing problems and pain points in the industry, and achieved revolutionary results in human health development.

Established in 1997,headquartered in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. Tengfei Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-sized ODM enterprise integrating research, design and production of technical garments,new materials and its applications,focusing in the fields of high ends underwears, shapewears, activewears and smart wearable garments,and also new fiber materials and its applied finished products in furniture industries. As always, the Teng Fei Technology adhere to R&D and innovation,now company possessing the technologies or patents of: SensElast 3D printing,Limax,E-fretch(Free size tech),Smart wearable apparels,SOLA polymer fiber the resolutionary new materials and its applications to finished products. See additional information at